Currently in post production, 'They sleep inside your head' is a new short, written and directed by Tamara Hardman. 

"Mae Driver was once a promising and driven young writer. With an honors degree and a head full of dreams, 20-something Mae was destined for something great.


Now, almost 30 and working part time at a newsagents, she is suffering from the realisation that she has gone nowhere in the past 10 years. Fearful of facing her reality, she instead retreats into her dreams to distract herself.


Through the mediative qualities of a dated VHS tape, she falls into a dream world where she can watch herself achieving all the things she hopes for (albeit covered in 50’s Hollywood glamour).


She slowly loses more and more of herself to this half life, and when she almost loses herself completely, Mae realises she needs to make a change if she’s to live at all."

World Premiere - Adelaide Film Festival

October 13th 



We have been lucky enough to collaborate with WOMADELAIDE in 2018. 

Here is a conceptual short we created with French theatre group, Cie Bivouac. 



The Red Earth photography project aims to shed new light on sun-drenched Australian landscapes with a photo series shot on Aerochrome Infrared Film accompanied with sound design from the very place it was taken.

Bryce Kraehenbuehl and Ben Golotta, will be travelling around Australia, to capture something very unique. Exhibited mid 2018

See interview with Bryce below:


35 minute visual album created for sister duo 'Sitara'. 8 songs, 8 videos. Directed by Morgan Wright 

'Penned by inexperience, Read by experience'

A series filmed by Tash Mccammon, short stories written by Lauren Lovett

Latest music video made for Kaurna Cronin. Directed by Alfonso Coronel

Live Session for band Neon Tetra, filmed and recorded with Ben Golotta at Big Window Studios.

Music video for Cookie Baker feat. Tim Rogers. Directed by Morgan Wright.